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What is included in the MOT test?

Lights - condition, operation, security and correct colour of headlamp(s), rear lights, indicators and reflectors. Also the headlamp(s) will be checked to see if the aim is correct.

Steering/suspension - condition, security and operation, including forks, mountings, controls, bearings etc.

Wheels and tyres - wheel condition and security, tyre condition, size/type and tread depth.

Frame - free from cracks, damage, distortion or corrosion which is likely to affect the steering or brakes.

Brakes - condition, operation and performance (efficiency test), brake controls.

Fuel & exhaust systems leaks - complete, secure, and not too noisy.

Wheel alignment - correct alignment of front and rear wheels.

Sidecars (when fitted) - includes checks on; attachment, suspension, wheel bearings, wheel alignment, lights and tyres.

Body & structure - condition and security of final drive, foot rests and seat.

Horn - correct operation and the correct type.
Registration plates/vehicle identification/frame no - present, legible.

An MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test, without dismantling, the vehicle met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. It does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate. The test does not cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

How are vehicles tested?

MOT test stations have designated test bays where they conduct the test, using a range of specialised equipment.

The test procedures are laid out in a manual which the test station should make available to you if you want to look at it. If your vehicle has failed the test, you will be given a failure document with reference to this manual. You can watch the test from a designated viewing area but you are not allowed to interrupt the tester while he is working.

All MOT testers have been on a training course with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and their competence to test is checked regularly.


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